DiaSource Image Edge Flags


I have a question about the flags in the DP 0.2 DiaSource tables (Data Preview 0.2 Schema | sdm_schemas) that is related to my question about DiaSource association failures (DiaSource Association Failure).

Specifically, I was wondering if the psfFlux_flag_edge, which is supposed to indicate if the object close to the edge of the image, is working. I noticed a particular DiaSource (419503484774121726) that is definitely at the edge of the image but does not have any flags to indicate that.

Just to provide more context to this, I’ve attached a figure showing the two DiaObjects that are near the edges of their images and an ra and dec plot showing the centroids of the DiaObjects within a specific radius. The two DiaObjects outside the main concentration of points correspond to the source in the two image cutouts.

We’re confused about why the blue and yellow points overlap on the RA vs Dec plot, if it’s a radial cutoff doing the assignments. Ryan maybe it would help also to post the lightcurve, to show the blue points aren’t clustered in time? Ryan also found that there was one visit for which there are two identical DiaSources for this DiaObject; not sure if that was the point of duplication.

Just to clarify: a DiaObject cannot be at the edge of an image, only a DiaSource. The former tracks the associations of the latter, but is not associated with a particular exposure.

Can you post the list of flags and their values for the source you plotted in the image above?

Hi @parejkoj, apologies for the delayed response and thanks for the clarification. Right, it’s the DiaSource that is at the edge.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the list of flags for the two “edge” sources (green and red pentagons in the top plot) and a DiaSource from the “good” object (yellow pentagon)

Note that the edge flags do not appear consistent for both of the edge sources.