DM Highlights 2016-03-23 to 2016-03-29

The Python in Astronomy 2016 meeting concluded. Presentations from the meeting have been archived in a collection on Zenodo. A short summary of the PyAstro16 meeting has been written by LSST attendees.

Following the Python in Astronomy meeting, over the weekend of March 26th/27th, members of LSST DM met with people from the Astropy community to discuss areas of overlap and synergy between the two projects. Topics for the meeting included coordinates handling, packaging and distribution, table interoperability, sky regions and masking, world coordinate systems and representation of data objects. The meeting was very positive and we are working on a report proposing how LSST and Astropy should improve interoperability and code sharing. A proof of concept AFW to astropy.table converter was successfully demonstrated. The outcomes from the meeting will be written up in an upcoming report and a summary is also available.


  • Exploratory work was completed on providing a TAP interface to our databases. (DM-5318)
  • A new toplevel package, lsst_qa, can now be used to run the validation tests of all supported instruments. (DM-5085)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-162: ADOPTED LSST Python coding style delta to PEP8. There was also an associated discussion on the use of autopep8.
  • RFC-166: ADOPTED Port simple shape measurement plugin to a repository with corresponding name.
  • RFC-167: ADOPTED Temporarily add esutil to the stack.

Other Items

  • A problem building afw with clang 7.3 from Apple (part of a recent update to the developer tools) has been fixed. (DM-5590)
  • Problems associated with libraries from a Miniconda/Anaconda distribution confusing the build system have been fixed. This was resulting in messages regarding a failure to find libz or libssl during linking. (DM-5595)
  • Jenkins can now be asked to build everything it knows about (by providing an empty product list). (DM-5016)

Talk by @parejkoj:

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