DM Highlights 2016-04-20 to 2016-04-26


  • Measurement afterburners in meas_base have been refactored into a new plugin system. (DM-4887)
  • An investigation into Cython and pybind11 as a replacement for SWIG has now completed with the conclusion that pybind11 looks very promising. (DM-5471, DM-5676)
  • validate_drp has been updated to use well-motivated theoretical fits to the astrometric and photometric performance measurements based on derivations from the LSST Overview paper. (DM-5660)


  • DMTN-007: Dipole characterization for image differencing.
  • DMTN-008: Introducing validate_drp: Calculate SRD Key Performance Metrics for an output repository.
  • DMTN-013: Wrapping C++ with Cython.
  • DMTN-014: Wrapping C++ with pybind11.

RFC Activity

  • RFC-171: PROPOSED Add pipe_drivers to lsst_distrib.
  • RFC-170: IMPLEMENTED Add a 3rd Party package for Erin Sheldon’s ngmix GitHub repository.
  • RFC-169: ADOPTED Implement HSC-like stack provenance.

Other Items

  • The jointcal package, a port of meas_simastrom, can now be built and is undergoing testing. (DM-5133)
  • meas_extensions_simpleShape has been released. (DM-5682)
  • A new mapping has been written for the Starlink AST library that outputs a unit vector and norm relative to a specified center. This is part of the investigation into WCS libraries. (DM-5702)
  • The ngmix Python package has been added as a third-party package. (DM-2253)