DM Highlights 2016-04-27 to 2016-05-03


  • A new dipole fitting algorithm was added to ip_diffim along with a refactoring of the unit tests. (DM-4999, DM-5296, DM-5249)
  • The StarFast simulation tool is now available. (DM-5298)


  • DMTN-012: StarFast - A Fast Simulation Tool for Testing Algorithms (DM-5298)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-178 Proposed Add Astropy to stack.
  • RFC-177 Proposed Enforce Astropy-compliant strings for units in afw.table.
  • RFC-176 Proposed Add psutil to stack.
  • RFC-174 Proposed Suppress gcc warnings about “unused local typedefs”.
  • RFC-173 Withdrawn Pass a butler to the constructor of all command-line tasks.
  • RFC-172 Proposed Add meas_extensions_shapeHSM and dependencies to lsst_distrib.
  • RFC-171 Adopted Add pipe_drivers to lsst_distrib.

Other Items

  • Multi-threading inside blas can now be disabled in tasks. (DM-4714)
  • The HSC MPI driver for single-visit processing has been ported to LSST. (DM-3368)
  • mpich updated to v3.2 (DM-5847)