DM Highlights 2016-05-04 to 2016-05-10




RFC Activity

  • RFC-184: PROPOSED Proposed changes to Butler (and its API) for multiple repository support.
  • RFC-183: PROPOSED Variant tasks should have a registry and an abstract base class.
  • RFC-182: PROPOSED Trial conversion from Swig to Pybind11.
  • RFC-181: PROPOSED Add meas_extensions_photometryKron to lsst_distrib.
  • RFC-180: PROPOSED Pass background to NoiseReplacerTask.
  • RFC-179: ADOPTED Remove PTR and CONST_PTR macros.
  • RFC-178: IMPLEMENTED Add Astropy to stack.
  • RFC-177: ADOPTED Enforce Astropy-compliant strings for units in afw.table.
  • RFC-176: IMPLEMENTED Add psutil to stack.
  • RFC-174: IMPLEMENTED Suppress gcc warnings about “unused local typedefs”.
  • RFC-172: IMPLEMENTED Add meas_extensions_shapeHSM and dependencies to lsst_distrib.
  • RFC-155: IMPLEMENTED Change estimateBackground to not deep copy the exposure and make it a task.
  • RFC-102: IMPLEMENTED Deprecate Image <<= and stop using it in our stack

Other Items

  • PropertySet now has a toDict() method and PropertyList now has a toOrderedDict() method. (DM-5643)
  • A problem with building the stack over NFS (relating to the new file descriptor leak test and the use of logging facilities) has been fixed. (DM-5979)
  • Astropy can now be used by DM developers. (DM-5935)
  • psutil is now available in the stack. (DM-5900)
  • pipe_drivers is now included in lsst_distrib. (DM-5634)
  • meas_extensions_shapeHSM is now included in lsst_distrib. (DM-2141)