DM Highlights 2016-05-11 to 2016-05-17

The spring Data Management Leadership Team meeting was held in Tucson this week. The main focus of the meeting was to plan for the upcoming Fall 16 cycle and to continue progress on the working groups.


  • It is now possible to create an astropy.table view into an afw.table. (DM-5641, DM-6132)
  • The “LSST the Docs” infrastructure was released and documents are being migrated to the new platform. See the accompanying post announcing the deployment.
  • Support has been added for monocam (via obs_monocam) (DM-5860, DM-5988)
  • A new DipoleFitTask has been incorporated into the imageDifference command-line task. (DM-5413)
  • A fix was made to aperture correction. (DM-6063, DM-6078)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-190: PROPOSED Use <= 0 instead of nan for saturation level to prevent masking.
  • RFC-189: IMPLEMENTED Modify star selector and aperture correction interfaces.
  • RFC-188: PROPOSED Committing to supported DM stack releases.
  • RFC-187: PROPOSED Remove DetectAndMeasureTask.
  • RFC-186: PROPOSED Update scons to v2.5.0.
  • RFC-185: PROPOSED Update “Using Boost” section in DM Developer Guide to prefer standard library by default
  • RFC-184: ADOPTED Proposed changes to Butler (and its API) for multiple repository support.
  • RFC-181: ADOPTED Add meas_extensions_photometryKron to lsst_distrib.
  • RFC-180: ADOPTED Pass background to NoiseReplacerTask.
  • RFC-177: IMPLEMENTED Enforce Astropy-compliant strings for units in afw.table.

Other Items

  • Support for Suprimecam in obs_subaru has been updated to support modern stack code. (DM-5965)
  • Cleanups of Boost in the stack have continued. (DM-4014, DM-4036, DM-6084)
  • Nebula and docker images were upgraded to the w_2016_20 stack release. (DM-6119)
  • The EUPS thirdparty package of was updated to enable it to build with GCC5. (DM-6126)