DM Highlights 2016-05-18 to 2016-05-24

The Data Management Leadership Team meeting concluded with much progress made on prioritization for the F16 cycle and timelines for delivering products from the Working Groups. There has also been an Operations Working group meeting this week.


Software Releases

  • The v12.0 (aka Winter16 + eXtra 16) release candidate of the DM software stack was released with tag v12_0_rc1.


  • DMTN-016: Towards LSE-63 and beyond: A technical roadmap from QA to Level 3.

RFC Activity

  • RFC-192: PROPOSED Single source for camera data.
  • RFC-191: PROPOSED Can we add some unsupported functions to Eigen?
  • RFC-190: IMPLEMENTED Use nan for saturation level to prevent masking.
  • RFC-182: ADOPTED Trial conversion from Swig to Pybind11.
  • RFC-186: ADOPTED Update scons to v2.5.0.
  • RFC-72: IMPLEMENTED Specify numerical tolerances for CI integration test.

Other items

  • Work on de-boosting the stack has continued. (DM-6096)
  • The numdiff package is no longer used. (DM-6150)