DM Highlights 2016-05-25 to 2016-05-31

Many members of the database team attended the XLDB conference at SLAC.


  • A comparison of mulit-band coadd processing between LSST and HSC pipelines has been completed. (DM-5827)
  • An initial assessment of VO interfaces for data access has been made. (DM-5317)


  • DMTN-018: Re-visiting L1 Database Design
  • DMTN-015: Flavors of Coadds
  • DMTN-010: WCS and Distortion Requirements and Existing Options

Three DM papers were submitted for the upcoming SPIE conference in Edinburgh (links are to the relevant JIRA ticket where the PDF can be found):

RFC Activity

  • RFC-193: PROPOSED Adopt AST for WCS and transforms.
  • RFC-117: IMPLEMENTED Add sphgeom as an LSST package.
  • RFC-156: IMPLEMENTED Providing a shared stack on LSST development machines.

Other Items