DM Highlights 2016-06-08 to 2016-06-14

Work continues on the rewriting of LDM-151, defining operations concepts, and defining project management processes.



RFC Activity

  • RFC-194 PROPOSED Names of rotation columns in Exposure and Visit tables in baseline schema
  • RFC-192 ADOPTED Single source for camera data
  • RFC-184 ADOPTED Proposed changes to Butler (and its API) for multiple repository support
  • RFC-183 IMPLEMENTED Variant tasks should have a registry and an abstract base class
  • RFC-164 IMPLEMENTED Unifying non-linearity correction in the ISR task

Other Items

  • Restored capability of calculating temporary local backgrounds in source detection (DM-6519)
  • Minor fixes to linearization (DM-6514)
  • Star selectors are specified using a registry (DM-6474)
  • lsstsw was ported to run under Python 3, fulfilling one prerequisite to having the entire stack run under Python 3 in addition to Python 2.7 (DM-6314)
  • Build and packaging issues were dealt with as the Winter2016 (v12.0) release was prepared (DM-5802, DM-6471)