DM Highlights 2016-06-15 to 2016-06-21

Work on updating LDM-151 continues and the v12.0 (Winter/Extra 2016) release is nearing completion.


  • A trial implementation of the @rhl reinterpration of the ZOGY algorithm has been completed in ip_diffim. (DM-5932)
  • The jointcal package can now be built and tested in Jenkins. (DM-5297)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-197: PROPOSED Add updateSourceCoords and updateRefCentroids to afw.table.
  • RFC-196: IMPLEMENTED Add pybind11 as an external package.
  • RFC-195: PROPOSED Split DecamMapper.
  • RFC-194: ADOPTED Names of rotation columns in Exposure and Visit tables in baseline schema.
  • RFC-193: ADOPTED Adopt AST for WCS and transforms.
  • RFC-191: IMPLEMENTED Can we add some unsupported functions to Eigen?

Other News

  • More information is now persisted to tables created by the tasks in (DM-4991)
  • pybind11 now has an EUPS package and can be used in Jenkins. (DM-6294)