DM Highlights 2016-07-20 to 2016-07-26

Preparations for the Director’s Review concluded this week.


  • An initial investigation into using JS9 with Jupyter to view FITS images has been completed. (DM-6847, DM-6848)
  • An analysis of the performance of the decorrelation correction to Alard and Lupton and ZOGY approaches for difference imaging has been completed. (DM-6244, DM-6580)

RFC Activity

  • RFC-206: PROPOSED Reconstitute TCT.
  • RFC-205 PROPOSED Disallow if False: for “block comments” in python.
  • RFC-203: PROPOSED Use lsst::log in pipeline tasks and deprecate pex_logging.
  • RFC-202: IMPLEMENTED Builds are optimised by default.
  • RFC-199: ADOPTED Add new metadata to ExposureInfo.
  • RFC-195: WITHDRAWN Split DecamMapper.

Other Items