DM Highlights 2016-07-27 to 2016-08-02



  • DMTN-002 has been updated with the current state of SuperTask. (DM-6854)
  • Documentation has been added to meas_extensions_ngmix. (DM-6788)

RFC Activity

  • RFC-209: PROPOSED Explicitly default or delete automatically-generated members in C++.
  • RFC-208: FLAGGED Place the PDAC Data Access Policy under change control.
  • RFC-207: ADOPTED Rename Afterburner plugins to CatalogCalculation plugins.
  • RFC-204: ADOPTED Move all config and tract/patch dataset definitions to base CameraMapper.
  • RFC-203: ADOPTED Use lsst::log in pipeline tasks and deprecate pex_logging.

Other Items

  • SWIG has been updated to version 3.0.10 in order to support the Python 3 migration. This required some very minor changes to existing code. (DM-1972)
  • A spatially invariant decorrelation correction factor to Alard and Lupton for difference imaging has been studied. (DM-6243)
  • The 1D DCR correction code has been enhanced to be more efficient. (DM-6860)
  • Document URLs using LSST The Docs can now resolve correctly without including a trailing slash. (DM-5894)
  • The pybind11 experiment is continuing with all packages required by afw now wrapped. (DM-6832)
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