DM Highlights Week of 2016-02-10 to 2016-02-16


  • Aperture corrections now propagate to coadds.
  • Work on the port of the HSC code to the LSST stack is now in its final stages.
    • The HSC Brighter-Fatter correction is now available.
    • The HSC integration test package has been integrated and also works on OS X El Capitan.
    • obs_subaru can now be installed using eups distrib install.
    • Investigations are ongoing comparing data reduced using the LSST software and that same data reduced using the HSC version.
  • A validation package has been released (validate_drp) that can be used on DECam and CFHT data (so far) to check astrometry fitting, initially. An associated document, DMTN-008 is being written.
  • A discussion was held on how L1 processing will be handled as part of Data Release Processing. A summary of the meeting is available.
  • Nebula images and docker containers for lsst_build w_2016_06 have been released.

Other Items

  • The stack has now been moved from using MySQL to using MariaDB.
  • The APR and APR-util packages were updated (to v1.5.2 and v1.5.4 respectively)
  • lsstsw and have been modified to pin the version numbers of packages and to disable use of the MKL libraries (which are now installed by default). The MKL libraries cause linking issues as they provide their own private fftw implementation and so can’t be used at this time.
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