DM Highlights Week of 2016-02-17 to 2016-02-23

For two days in this period many people from the Data Management team were in Santa Cruz for the Joint Technical Meeting. There were many useful discussions between DM teams and also plenaries.


  • The HSC port continues to progress:
    • Sources can now be added to empty sky during multiband processing.
    • A new blendedness metric has been added to meas_algorithms.
    • Heavy Footprints are no longer persisted in forced photometry.
    • The integration test package ci_hsc can now be built in Jenkins.
  • validate_drp has been extended to produce results for multiple filters and now runs much faster than before in some cases.


Other Items

  • Six packages were updated to support test execution via py.test using standard unittest test discovery mechanisms. This is part of an ongoing investigation into updating the testing metrics for the stack.
  • The 5 of 12 tests in coadd_utils requiring afwdata now skip explicitly rather than skipping all tests.
  • The deprecated LOGF macros have been removed from the log package. Code should now use the LOGS stream-based macros.
  • The build system now explicitly tests for support of the -std=c++11 compiler setting. It is no longer sufficient for a compiler to support c++0x as that mode does not support the current codebase.
  • The documentation builds now generate XML as well as HTML from doxygen. This is a pre-requisite for the new documentation system.