DM Highlights Week of 2016-02-24 to 2016-03-01

For two days in this period many people from the Data Management team were in Santa Cruz for the Joint Technical Meeting.
DM notes for the meeting can be found at

Meetings plus travel has inevitably led to fewer tickets being closed this period.


  • The HSC backport continues:
    • A full background model is now supported when detecting cosmic rays.
  • The log package now supports a human-friendly thread ID in log messages.


New tech notes:

Other Items

  • Log messages from ctrl_events now include the host name, and a problem with array transfer has been fixed.
  • The lsstsw deploy script can now be used on Mac OS X El Capitan although the -b option is currently still required if miniconda is being deployed.
  • At JTM it was decided that, where appropriate, Unicode strings should be used in tests. The relevant developer documentation has been updated.
  • The Nebula images and docker containers are now available for w_2016_08.