DM Highlights Week of 2016-03-02 to 2016-03-08


  • The ProcessCcdTask and associated sub-tasks have been extensively refactored resulting in backwards incompatible changes to configuration files and data products. More details can be found at the associated release notes entitled: Backward-incompatible changes to ProcessCcdTask and subtasks. (DM-4692)

  • Some changes were made to the butler concerning the use of multiple repositories and configuration. These changes are not backwards compatible and various obs_* packages have been modified to support the new APIs. More details can be found at the post: Recent Butler changes: Repository class and ‘cfg’ configuration . (DM-4683)

  • pex_logging can now have a fixed string prepended to all messages to allow easy disambiguation of messages coming from multiple processes. (DM-4342)

  • The HSC backport continues:

    • Code for building calibration products has been ported (DM-3373)
    • The HSC MPI drivers for coaddition (DM-3369) and multi-band coadd processing (DM-3370) have been ported.

Other Items

  • The minuit2 package has been updated to version 5.34.14. (DM-5353)
  • The Jenkins CI system has been upgraded and made more robust to version variation. (DM-5302)
  • The meas_simastrom from IN2P3 package has been renamed jointcal (and will be used for photometric as well as astrometric calibration). (DM-5273)