DM Monthly Status Report for April 2017

The DM monthly status report covering April has been posted in Docushare, Collection-5185. For your convenience, the high-level/summary/status is pasted below. Direct link to full report (pdf):

High-level Summary/Status

  • The Pathfinder Integration Activity #3 was held at NCSA in May. This brought members of the Camera, Telescope and Site, Data Management, and Systems Engineering teams together to run all the system connecting various simulators of the summit facility.
  • The Architecture Team completed tasks related to documenting DM designs (including a new LaTeX-based documentation workflow and draft product tree), deployment (including understanding requirements), and drafting design concepts for integrating production workflows).
  • The prototype AP system can now process arbitrary DECam data through the generation of processed visit images (PVIs).
  • Performance and usability upgrades were made to the Footprint system which is used to represent collections of pixels corresponding to astronomical sources. Improvements were made to the prototype NMF (“Non-negative Matrix Factorization”) deblender, improving reliability, computational performance, and scientific results.
  • Added the capability to model pupil obscuration to the DM camera geometry system.
  • The Prototype Data Access Centre (PDAC) now has a new function for cone searches targeting multiple positions. Client side image performance improvements were made in the portal.
  • Qserv was tested and shown to satisfy 20% DR1 KPMs and scaling tests on the IN2P3 cluster.
  • The La Serena – Santiago fiber measurements report from Telefonica looks very good. A more detailed report is being prepared by REUNA. The Spectrum subaward from FIU to Angola Cables (AC) was signed and fully executed at FIU.
  • The Chile IT Hiring Selection Committee interviewed both Network Engineer candidates and made hiring recommendations for the open Network Engineer and IT Tech positions.
  • Several DM team members attended the project MagicDraw training session in Tucson.
  • A JupyterLab prototype was built to investigate architectural options for the Science Platform notebook service. A notebook was developed demonstrating verification metric framework features.
  • EUPS-based binary distribution of the DM stack is undergoing beta testing.