DM Monthly Status Report for December 2016

The DM Monthly status report covering December has been posted in Docushare, Collection-4640. For your convenience I am pasting high-level summary and project status below. Direct link to the full report (pdf):

#High-level Summary
Phase 1 (Gatehouse to “fork” in San Carlos Valley) of the fiber installation from the AURA Gatehouse to Cerro Pachon in Chile was completed. Much work has gone into checking the planning of DM in anticipation of the new DM manager arriving in March; the replan is due to come to fruition early next year. This is progressing well though inadequacies are becoming evident. The DM team also continued work toward commissioning, updating System requirements and clarifying Science Quality Assurance through prototyping.

#Project Status
Selected technical accomplishments:

  • The Architecture Team worked on documents including the LSST Commissioning Plan, an update to the DM System Requirements, and a description of the 2017 QA Prototype. Team members also attended a workshop on the Common Archive Observation Model.
  • The AP Team…
    • Completed initial investigation of possible DCR correction algorithms for templates.
    • Continued significant work on the pybind11 port.
    • Completed core alert distribution system with mocked alerts including postage stamps.
  • The DRP Team…
    • In collaboration with the SQuaRE and Alert Production teams, began detailed planning and prototyping of the Science Pipelines documentation.
    • Began work on reconstructing the PSF based on the wavefront, as measured from out-of-focus data.
    • Simulations of the procedure for generating photometric flats using the collimated beam projector have been completed and were presented at the Precision Astronomy with Fully Depleted CCDs meeting.
  • The SUIT Team…
    • Made firefly_client and display_firefly installable by eups.
    • PDAC v1 development continued and deployment procedure ready.
    • Light Curve functions development.
  • The DAX Team…
    • Continued support of integration activities at the PDAC via problem investigations and bug fixes.
    • Worked to build a synthetic dataset that will be used to gather Qserv KPMs at a level of 20% DR1.
  • The Net&BS Team completed work on phase 1 of the AURA Gatehouse to Pachon fiber installation (to the bifurcation to Cerro Pachon and Cerro Tololo). Cobra/Telefonica completed work on the first leg from the gate to the fork without any safety incidents. Telefonica fiber installation from Highway D41 to the AURA Gatehouse was completed.
  • The NCSA Team…
    • Contributed to the development of the LSST Commissioning Plan.
    • Developed the WBS for the DM-wide replan (in progress), following a three-layer business architecture for IT facilities, with detailed breakdown of major software and service construction areas. This will be integrated into the DM-wide plan and phased to construction, commissioning and operations goals and milestones.
    • In preparation for the OCS-TCS-DM-CCS-DAQ Early Pathfinder Integration Activities coordinated by LSST Systems Engineering, prepared a demonstration of the Level 1 System components that exercise the path of Camera-to-distributor messaging and data passing.
    • Began implementing and prototyping the first phase of Batch Production Services.
  • The SQuaRE Team…
    • Completed work on the SQuaSH iteration featuring “drill-down” plots.
    • Worked with the pipelines teams on code documentation design.
    • Deployed a ChatOps service MVP.
    • Deployed a platform for microservice-based APIs.