DM Monthly Status Report for December 2017

The DM monthly status report covering December activities has been posted in Docushare, Collection-5185. For your convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to full report (pdf):

High-level Summary
The first formal tests of the DM system following the procedure described in LDM-503 were carried out this month. Specifically, the DM team executed the LDM-503-2 (“HSC Reprocessing”) and LDM-503-3 (“Alert Generation Validation”) test specifications. Test reports have been supplied to the DM Change Control Board. As well as formal verification of parts of the DM system, these milestones provided a focus for ongoing technical work within DM, in particular developing an enhanced set of QA tools for validating the test results.

The DM software engineering teams continued their focus on developing requirements and prototypes for the “generation 3 Data Butler” I/O abstraction framework. These requirements, and associated use cases, underwent a successful internal review during December; a similar review focusing on the prototype implementation is expected in January. In addition, the “cp_pipe” package was added to the DM software stack. This is the initial version of what will grow to become the LSST Calibration Products Pipeline. Meanwhile, The NEOWISE year one single epoch source table is accessible through SUIT in the Prototype Data Access Center (PDAC), and the Image Service was updated to support multiple datasets.

The Network Engineering Team completed the first successful transfer of digital data over LSST/AURA fiber optic networks from the Summit Site on Cerro Pachon to the Base Site in La Serena and on to the Archive Site at NCSA in Champaign. A set of 6 x 10 Gbps Network Interface cards on Data Transfer Nodes (DTN) configured with iPerf3 generated a sustained data rate of approximately 44 gigabits per second, over a period of 24 hours, exceeding the target of 40 gigabits per second.

Members of the DM team took part in several meetings, workshops and reviews during December. In particular:

  • The DM Project Manager took part in the successful LSST Operations Proposal Review in Tucson during the week of December 4.
  • Graham and O’Mullane supported the “Towards Science with LSST in Chile III”, meeting (Dec 13-15) giving talks and a two hour hack session.
  • A very constructive week long LSST Science Platform technical workshop was held at IPAC (12/4-8, 2017) attended by 25 team members.
  • DM team members took part in the Auxiliary Telescope workshop and Early Integration activities.
  • DM team members at the University of Washington met staff members of the Minor Planet Center to discuss integration of DM and MPC activities.