DM Monthly Status Report for December 2020

The DM monthly status report covering December activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report:

High-level Summary

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

The DM Scientist, Melissa Graham and Eric Bellm met with the SAC to review plans for early science and the 9 received proposals for Community Event Brokers.

Technical Progress

The following notes and documents were published:

DMTN-165 describes a new lightweight hybrid alert format being proposed for alert distribution (Bellm)

DMTN-170 describes the current workflow from Science Pipelines outputs to Qserv database ingestion (Chiang)

DMTN-172, describes the initial design of iterative image characterization, now possible with Gen 3 middleware (Bosch)

A report detailing the current state of the DM implementation of the ZOGY algorithm for image differencing was produced and will be published shortly. (Kovacs - will be DMTN-179)

LDM-752 Science Verification Document draft was prepared.

Version 21.0.0 of the Science Pipelines was released.

Calibration products for DECam HiTS were generated using the new Gen 3 middleware.

Deep templates were built for the DECam galactic bulge dataset in order to test the science pipelines on crowded fields.

The final performance characterization of the APDB database design (to the scale of one year of simulated alert-production data) has begun in the Google cloud.

At the LDF Quarterly Maintenance was carried out including a move to GPFS V5.1 and applying software patches. Files are being ingested in both Gen2 and Gen3 Butler repositories at the summit (via the Observatory Operational Data System) and at NCSA.

Powered in the summit was restored following the extended COVID shutdown; DM provided assistance especially in the redeployment of services and with networking issues. We are also preparing for the January 2021 Auxtel observing run.