DM Monthly Status Report for January 2018

The DM Monthly status report covering January activities has been posted in Docushare, Collection-6145. For your convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to full report (pdf):

High-level Summary
Following a selection procedure over the last several months, Leanne Guy has accepted the role of DM Subsystem Scientist. She is expected to take up her post at the LSST Project Office in Tucson in April.

Senior LSST management met with their peers at NCSA in late January. This meeting was productive, and has resulted in a number of concrete actions which will strengthen NCSA’s role within the project.

The DM Change Control Board has accepted test reports documenting the successful completion of the milestones LDM-503-2 and LDM-503-3. These are the first level 2 milestones to be completed following the DM “replan” which was completed during 2017.

Major technical effort focused on the DM middleware this month. We completed a mini-review of the redesigned Butler I/O abstraction and SuperTask system, and several members of the project participated in a week-long in-depth design and development session.

A new DM documentation landing page has been rolled out at This provides quick and easy access to key documentation across the project.

The continuous integration (CI) system used by DM has been substantially upgraded. It can now provide users with personalised notifications and status updates on jobs they have submitted.

An updated version of the XRootD distributed file system and associated parallel changes to Qserv were deployed to the PDAC. Some unforeseen problems emerged when this updated code was operated at scale; the team worked to address these issues while simultaneously supporting the SUIT team with a stable deployment.

Data Access Center (DAC) v1 image service was Integrated in SUIT portal as well as various improvements and bug fixes for HiPS image display in Firefly.

A MOPS (Moving Object Pipeline System) test system was deployed in the LSST Data Facility.

A draft of a paper describing the new deblending algorithm being developed for LSST is now available.

The DM Science Team completed an internal draft of the assessment of readiness of LSST pipelines to process crowded fields.

The Base Authentication and Authorization system was shipped to Chile and now awaits installation at the Base Facility.

The Data Facility team completed the design and testing of a stable containerized management architecture, including documentation and scripting of installation procedures for provisioning the FY18 Kubernetes cluster within the Data Facility.

The single-node consolidated database system was provisioned to support upcoming Auxiliary Telescope activities and milestones.

Finally, the DM team helped support the LSST booth at AAS.