DM Monthly Status Report for June 2017

The DM monthly status report covering June activities has been posted in Docushare, Collection-5185. For your convenience, the High-level/Summary/Status is pasted below. Direct link to full report (pdf):

##High-level Summary/Status

Several members of the DM team attended the Getting Ready for Doing Science with LSST Data meeting at CC-IN2P3, Lyon, France during June. This meeting was successful both in strengthening DM’s ties with the scientific community and in fostering close collaboration with CC-IN2P3, which will host the Satellite Computing Facility during LSST Operations. Some members of the team also took advantage of the visit to France to speak at the 2017 ASTERICS/OBELICS Summer School in Annecy.

Work continued on preparation for the NSF/DOE review of DM in July. Several key DM documents were updated, with a particular focus on the LDM-294 (the DM Management Plan), DM-148 (the DM System Architecture) and LDM-503 (the DM Test Plan). These documentation updates have been accompanied by an effort to rigorously flow down requirements from high level documentation to the DM System Requirements (LSE-61) and other DM documentation. This has included completing a number of LSST change requests.

In addition to the above activities, significant development milestones in the area of scientific algorithms include:

  • Validation of the new algorithm which is being used for astrometric matching.
  • A redesign of the system used for calculating statistical quantities within the DM stack.
  • Support for processing data from the CTIO 0.9m telescope, which is being used to prototype Auxiliary Telescope data reduction.
  • Made substantial performance improvements to our galaxy model fitting code.
  • Made it possible to use select between multiple possible different image differencing algorithms by means of run-time configuration.
  • Completed the design of an end-to-end alert production verification pipeline.

Highlights from the Prototype Data Access Center (PDAC), data processing and visualization:

  • Design documentation for the LSST Science Platform (LDM-542) is now available.
  • Time series data for SDSS Stripe82 and AllWISE can now be accessed from the object search result page.
  • Qserv is now buildable on macOS and under Python3.
  • A latent issue in the Data Butler that could cause parent repositories to be dropped was identified and corrected.

Networks and infrastructure news:

  • During ingest of WISE n-band catalogs on the PDAC, we discovered that the PDAC Qserv master node is currently under-provisioned (was under-specified by DAX originally last year). Investigations were conducted to spec appropriate RAM and disk upgrades, and NCSA is working on a quote.
  • The Summit - AURA Gatehouse, AURA Gatehouse - La Serena, and La Serena - Santiago fibers are installed, measurements have been taken and reported, and these fibers have been accepted.
  • The AURA/LSST Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) equipment was ready to be shipped from Coriant in Berlin and we organized a freight forwarder and made the requisition for the shipment costs. The REUNA/Raylex site visit report has been sent to AURA to document the elements needed for the equipment installation.