DM Monthly Status Report for May 2021

The DM monthly status report covering May 2021 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report: DocuShare Authorization Error

High-level Summary

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

Rubin Observatory was awarded the “Built on InfluxDB” 2021 Award for Best Application for SQuRE work relating to the Engineering Facilities Database

DM supported Aura Management Council for Rubin May 5 -8th.

Leanne Guy Gave a keynote presentation on Rubin/LSST at the Big Data from Space (BiDS2021) conference.

The Call for Letters of Recommendation (LOR) for the LSST Object PZ Data Products was issued.

DM assisted in reviews of the US Extremely Large Telescope Program Platform and the Keck Phobos spectrograph as well as CMB-S4 Data Management.

Technical Progress

Documents published:

DMTN-118: The status of time series variability features to compute as part of both AP and DRP was reviewed to aid users in identifying objects of interest. Community feedback is solicited.

DMTN-185: The report of the Provenance Working Group giving several recommendations to be followed up.

DMTN-184 : Alert Production Database (APDB) design milestone was completed with publication of DMTN-184, which establishes that the proposed design meets its performance targets.

Three major components of the Rubin Science Platform were deployed in production, including a new landing page and a major rewrite of the Notebook Aspect infrastructure.

The new “execution butler” feature was added, massively reducing the interaction of large-scale workflow jobs with the Butler Registry.

Synthetic source injection is now running in CI for ap_verify and ci_hsc, and synthetic source metrics have been added to Chronograf for monitoring. The implementation of the ZOGY algorithm for image differencing now supports a spatially-varying PSF. Trailed source detection and measurement has been added to lsst_distrib, with the new measurement plugin meas_extensions_trailedSources.

Survey Property Maps are now generated during regular data release processing. By default, these include the 5-sigma PSF-magnitude limit, exposure time, PSF ellipticities, and DCR direction and amplitude as a function of position on the deep coadds used for detection. More maps may be added in the future.

An initial cp_verify package was launched that implements an initial design per RFC-726.

The OCS-Controlled Pipeline Service (OCPS) was integrated and deployed at the NCSA Test Stand and the Summit and used for AuxTel image processing.

Planned and executed the measurement of the entire path of fibers from the computer room to the top of the TMA. The purchase order for the fibre cable was placed at the end of the month and it is on schedule.