DM Monthly Status Report for November 2020

The DM monthly status report covering May activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-1101. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report:

High-level Summary

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

The DM Leadership virtual face to face meeting was held Nov 17 and 18 to discuss various management and technical issues, this included making Focus Friday a permanent feature of DM life. ADASS was attended and one short talk was given by O’Mullane, at the same time Economou and Fausti gave an invited presentation at the livestream of InfluxDays on our use of InfluxDB at Rubin Observatory.

Technical Progress

Two notes were published:

SPIE paper: “Documentation Automation for the Verification and Validation of Rubin Observatory Software” – Comoretto submitted

DMTN-169 on authentication of the Butler registry which eliminates the need to grant science platform users accounts on the database housing the Butler registry.

Gen3 middleware was formally released to science pipelines developers and the registry schema is now formally under CCB control. Faro, a Gen3-based scalable metric computation package for validation of science pipeline outputs has also been released.

The team has started migrating development workflows to Gen3 in earnest. Nate Lust organized and hosted an event over three days to kick off this effort. This “Gen3 Party Programming” session was well-attended by members of the Science Pipelines team. Prototype IVOA SODA and ObsTAP service were deployed, now based on the Gen3 middleware and backed by a reprocessed HSC image dataset.

Some service changes were made in response to the unanticipated Docker Hub move introducing rate limits for unauthenticated container pulls.

In science pipelines the default PSF determiner was upgraded to PSFex, which is more accurate and robust than the previous PCA-based (Principal Component Analysis) PSF (Point Spread Function). A synthetic solar system catalog and alerts to the community broker teams were created and distributed.

The integration of ComCam at the summit was started and is continuing. The AuxTel, ComCam, and NCSA teststand configurations for Observatory Operations Data System (OODS), header service, Archiver, and forwarder at the summit were updated. An OCS Controlled Pipeline System (OCPS) prototype was developed for the summit to be able to run image processing jobs on summit and base systems.