DM Monthly Status Report for October 2016

The DM monthly status report covering October has been posted in Docushare, Collection-4640. For your convenience I am pasting high-level summary and project status below. Direct link to the full report (pdf):

High-level Summary

Data Management development continues to track the Fall 2016 rolling-wave cycle plan. Mid-cycle binaries were produced. We started productizing Prototype Data Access Center. Work on Python 3 and pybind11 continued. Notable advancements were made in coordinate transformation system, alert consumer/producer, astrometric fitter and documenting SUIT requirements.

Significant progress was made with replan; the work on replan is on track for completion by the end of this calendar year.

#Project Status

Selected technical accomplishments:

  • The Architecture Team contributed to a number of meetings, including ADASS XXVI, IVOA Interop, a Systems Engineering workshop on verification of DM requirements, a T/CAM meeting on the DM replan, and a meeting on QA system requirements and design. Work continued on Commissioning planning, requirements flowdown, and interfaces.

  • The AP Team

    • Onboarded Chris Morrison as a new postdoc to the team
    • Finished the design of the new coordinate transform system
    • Produced the prototype alert generators and distributors
    • Implemented a pixel space version of the ZOGY algorithm
    • Provided the spherical point class to be used with the new coordinate transform system
  • The DRP Team

    • Added a new, mathematically rigorous, astrometric fitter to the stack.
    • In conjunction with the Subsystem Lead and the SUIT team, developed detailed plans for Science Pipelines QA over the S17 cycle and beyond.
    • Added support for pruning degenerate templates to the deblender, addressing the problem of galaxy “shredding”: one of its major known failure modes.
  • The SUIT Team

    • has been concentrating on PDAC work, we finding out issues and bugs in accessing the DAX services. DAX team has been very responsive to our reports.
    • Firefly development team (All SUIT members are part of it) received a NASA Group Achievement Award for “outstanding work developing the Firefly package, the core software used in several archive and image services supporting NASA projects”.

      SUIT group with the award plaque.
  • The DAX team worked through many hardware and configuration issues with NCSA on the PDAC cluster. Initial installation and configuration of DAX web services and Qserv on the cluster were completed, and the SUIT team was able to execute the first successful queries against these backend services. Full catalog and image ingest of the SDSS Stripe 82 dataset is underway.

  • The Net&BS Team started the installation of the fiber along the poles on the private land outside of the AURA gatehouse to CH41 (2.3Kms). This installation will take 3 weeks. The remaining fiber (1.0Km), to cross the CH41 road, needs Ministry permission, this permission was requested 23 September and takes 60 days maximum to be granted, so it should be ready at the end of November. This approval allows Telefonica to finish the previous segment to complete the fiber up to CH41. The final decision for Coriant selection was made and a request was sent for approval from the NSF.

  • The NCSA Team

    • Refined the Data Products Production operations department work breakdown structure, following a 3-layer service architecture, and contributed the Data Products Production chapter of the operations plan (LPM-181) in preparation for the operations planning review.
    • The FY17 Hardware Acquisition Strategy, describing the capabilities that we plan to procure in the coming year, was completed, and accepted by AURA.
    • Visited and worked with the UW team to further understand and define needs for the Level 1 prompt processing system and message bus for distributing alerts that will be hosted at NCSA.
    • Collaborated with the LSST DM software architect and software developers at SLAC in defining and verifying data flow through the Batch Production Services.
  • The SQuaRE Team

    • Prepared LDM-493, a documentation taxonomy document
    • Completed binary production for the 12.1 release
    • Contributed to the DM replan