DM Tech Talk: Cell-Based Coadds

I’ll be giving a talk next Wednesday, April 25 at 11:15am Pacific covering some mathematical/conceptual work I’ve been doing on coaddition algorithms.

I’ll be starting with a derivation and walkthrough of the oft-mentioned, rarely-explained Kaiser optimal coadd algorithm and some variations thereof, and hopefully have time to cover some thoughts I have on dealing with missing pixels, edges, and other potential sources of discontinuities in coadds (but even if I do, it’s likely that there will be another talk with more follow-up topics later).

The intended audience is the DM DRP, AP, and Subsystem Science teams (and anyone else in DM who is interested in algorithms). Science collaboration members are welcome to attend as well, but should note that I’ll almost certainly end up doing a similar talk more directed at that audience in the future, once this work is a bit more mature and we know better how/if it will be integrated into DM pipelines.

We’ll use the DRP team’s BlueJeans room:

Slides are here: