DM Weekly Highlights 2016-08-10 to 2016-08-16

These highlights cover the first 2 days of the LSST 2016 Project and Community Workshop. Senior management were involved in the Joint Status Review.


  • A hack session at LSST 2016 focused on migrating our tests to a form that would make them runnable by py.test (following the developer guidelines and the instructions in SQR-012). We also took the opportunity to clean up asserts in the test code to use modern idioms. Progress can be tracked on the Confluence page.
  • afw (and all packages afw depends on) can now be used from Python 3. (DM-6179). This triggered a hack session on the Tuesday of the LSST2016 meeting to begin Python 3 migration of the remaining stack packages. Details on current progress can be found on Confluence.



RFC Activity

  • RFC-214: PROPOSED Use numpydoc and reStructuredText for Python docstrings.
  • RFC-213: PROPOSED Deprecation procedure.
  • RFC-212: PROPOSED Activate junk suppression by default.
  • RFC-208: IMPLEMENTED Place the PDAC Data Access Policy under change control.

Other Items

  • sconsUtils will no longer assume it should read SConscript files from sub directories in alphabetical order. (DM-7179)
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Stylistically, I’d encourage developers to continue to use as the canonical URL in presentations and documentation.