DM Weekly Highlights 2016-08-31 to 2016-09-06


  • sphgeom now supports HTM and Q3C indexing. (DM-5533)
  • Tasks now use the modern log system for logging. (DM-6999)
  • New Python 3 ports: meas_deblender (DM-7303), meas_extensions_photometryKron (DM-7300), meas_extensions_shapeHSM (DM-7304), meas_extensions_psfex (DM-7302), and sphgeom (DM-7311).
  • obs_sdss now works with pytest. (DM-7346)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-216: PROPOSED Use pybind11 instead of SWIG to generate Python wrappers for C++ code.
  • RFC-214: IMPLEMENTED Use numpydoc and reStructuredText for Python docstrings.
  • RFC-212: ADOPTED Activate junk suppression by default.
  • RFC-207: IMPLEMENTED Rename Afterburner plugins to CatalogCalculation plugins.
  • RFC-205: ADOPTED Disallow if False: for “block comments” in python.
  • RFC-162: IMPLEMENTED LSST python coding style delta to PEP8.
  • RFC-54: IMPLEMENTED update anaconda version to 2.2.0.

Other Items

  • The log package was updated to allow %s to appear in logged strings. (DM-7509)
  • The tests in the cat package were made five times faster.(DM-7516)
  • processFile now has some tests. (DM-7433)
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