DM Weekly Highlights 2016-09-07 to 2016-09-13




RFC Activity

  • RFC-221: : PROPOSED Request approval of the SUIT Vision document as LDM-492.
  • RFC-219: IMPLEMENTED Add support to daf::base::DateTime for TAI strings.
  • RFC-218: IMPLEMENTED Change Python docstring before/after blank space guidelines for consistency with PEP 257.
  • RFC-217: PROPOSED Improve support for ExposureInfo in Exposure.
  • RFC-144: ADOPTED Add OpenOrb as a third party package for SIMS.
  • RFC-108: IMPLEMENTED Make --show config=glob case insensitive.
  • RFC-84 (RFD): IMPLEMENTED Is anything slowing you down?
  • RFC-79: IMPLEMENTED Third-party Packages for MPI.
  • RFC-60: IMPLEMENTED Support Python 3 and Python 2.7 simultaneously.

Other Items

  • now has the option to install a Python 3 stack. Use the -3 option.
  • A new (temporary) metapackage named lsst_py3 has been created allowing all Python 3-compatible packages to be installed with one command. (DM-7586)
  • Three command line tasks were adapted to the supertask framework as a demonstration. (DM-6744)

And ndarray is now an external package.