DM Weekly Highlights 2016-09-14 to 2016-09-20


  • Version 12.1 of the DM stack was released and can be installed with eups distrib using tag v12_1. Binary installs are being worked on.
  • A new lsst_distrib weekly was made, w_2016_39, using the new automated release system. (DM-7154)
  • A complete database with S13 DRP catalogs has been built at NCSA. (DM-7053)
  • Configurations for doing full-stack processing have been synchronized with HSC best practice. (DM-6815)
  • Clean up tract/patch dataset definitions. (DM-7049)
  • New Python 3 ports: ctrl_orca (DM-7183), ctrl_execute (DM-7185), meas_astrom (DM-7288), ip_diffim (DM-7297), ctrl_pool (DM-7264).
  • lsstsw now includes a script that is compatible with zsh and a separate setup.csh for (t)csh. (DM-7552)
  • The pex_logging to log migration continued with afw. (DM-6985)
  • coadd_chisquared now supports pytest. (DM-7614)

RFC Activity

  • RFC-227: PROPOSED Remove long from afw schema aliases.
  • RFC-226: PROPOSED Upgrade cmake to minimum version 2.8.12.
  • RFC-225: PROPOSED Bring C++ doc standards in line with Python docs.
  • RFC-224: ADOPTED Remove GPU code from afw.
  • RFC-223: ADOPTED Remove Shapelet code from meas_algorithms.
  • RFC-222: ADOPTED Remove most formatter and boost::serialization code.
  • RFC-220: IMPLEMENTED Adopt best practice configuration defaults from HSC.
  • RFC-217: ADOPTED Improve support for ExposureInfo in Exposure.
  • RFC-212: IMPLEMENTED Activate junk suppression by default.

Other Items

  • New package: pipe_analysis. (DM-7687)
  • daf_base.DateTime handling of pre-1970 dates has been improved. (DM-7622)
  • ndarray is now an external package using upstream rather than a distinct source repository. (DM-2005)
  • astrometry_net has been updated to current master (0.67.123ff3e). This allows the parts of that we use to work with Python 3. (DM-7295)
  • mpi4py has been updated to version 2.0.0. (DM-5748)