DM Weekly Highlights 2016-09-21 to 2016-09-27


  • Several members of SUIT group visited the camera team for two days, discussing the relevant issues in using Firefly for camera I&T visualization support. We came up with a rough design which defines the interface between the camera diagnostic cluster and Firefly server, and the services that the camera team will provide for Firefly to display the images at different resolutions as needed.
  • The PDAC hardware deployment is up and running at NCSA except for a few problematic nodes. The DAX team has access and are working through issues converning prerequisites and configuration with NCSA admins in preperation for the Qserv deploy. The Stripe82 catalog data has been retrieved, assembled, deduped, and is now being partitioned in preparation for loading. Stripe 82 calexp retrieval and transfer from IN2P3 iRODS is ongoing.
  • A new lsst_distrib weekly was made: w_2016_40
  • New Python 3 port: ctrl_stats. (DM-7184)
  • The migration away from pex_logging continued. (DM-7502, DM-7725, DM-7740)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-239: PROPOSED PropertyList should missing values and possibly units.
  • RFC-238: PROPOSED DateTime() should support invalid dates.
  • RFC-237: PROPOSED Request for change to suprimecamMapper.paf.
  • RFC-236: PROPOSED Request for change to testMapper.paf.
  • RFC-235: PROPOSED Proposed change to datasets for Sdss mapper.
  • RFC-234: PROPOSED Request for change to MegacamMapper.paf.
  • RFC-233: PROPOSED Proposed change to datasets for LsstSim mapper.
  • RFC-232: PROPOSED Request for change to DecamMapper.paf.
  • RFC-231: PROPOSED Request for Input on Planned changes to Mappers.
  • RFC-230: PROPOSED Rename daf_butlerUtils to obs_base.
  • RFC-229: PROPOSED Python tests should be named test_*.py for pytest support.
  • RFC-228: PROPOSED Rename obs_test to obs_example.
  • RFC-226: WITHDRAWN Upgrade cmake to minimum version 2.8.12.
  • RFC-216: ADOPTED Use pybind11 instead of swig to generate Python wrappers for C++ code.