DM Weekly Highlights 2016-09-28 to 2016-10-04


  • Work on PDAC integration continues.
  • A new lsst_distrib weekly was made: w_2016_41
  • New package: meas_extensions_convolved ported from HSC. (DM-6784)
  • Parent/child measurement code has been ported from HSC. (DM-6785)
  • The sexagesimal string parsers in utils have been updated to properly support a configurable delimiter. (DM-7137)
  • Progress has been made on difference imaging with preconvolution enabled. (DM-7657, DM-7596)
  • Work on the migration to log has continued: (DM-7741), meas_algorithms (DM-7670), afwimage (DM-7754), command-line tasks (DM-7844).
  • pybind11 migration continues: log (DM-7518), ndarray (DM-7690).
  • Pytest progress: datarel (DM-7623).


RFC Activity

  • RFC-241: ADOPTED Minor changes to afw.display.Device interface.
  • RFC-240: PROPOSED Angle‚Äôs named methods should be const and return a new Angle.
  • RFC-238: ADOPTED DateTime() should support invalid dates.
  • RFC-225: ADOPTED Bring C++ doc standards in line with Python docs.