DM Weekly Highlights 2016-10-05 to 2016-10-11



RFC Activity

  • RFC-242: PROPOSED Prefer parentheses (or nothing) to braces in C++ initialization.
  • RFC-230: ADOPTED Rename daf_butlerUtils to obs_base.
  • RFC-228: WITHDRAWN Renamed obs_test to obs_example.
  • RFC-187: IMPLEMENTED Remove DetectAndMeasureTask.
  • RFC-143: IMPLEMENTED Refactor aperture corrections and measurement afterburners.

Other items

  • A --show history option has been added to cmdLineTask. (DM-5421)
  • pybind11 progress continues to be made. (DM-7519)
  • The enum constants for time system and scale in daf_base.DateTime have been changed such that they do not have the same values in Python. Before this MJD and UTC could be used interchangeably. (DM-7745)