DMstack Winter2015 (v10_1) installation on SL7

I’m doing a fresh install of DMstack v10_1 on SL7 (gcc 4.8). I assume there are no known issues with that? I was looking at the test results here:

I read the line:
v10_1 RedHat CentOS 7.0 lsst_distrib yes
and assume that means it should work with the native version of gcc?

CentOS 7 or related platforms are supported so you will be fine. Is there a reason why you do not want to use the current version 11.0 from Summer 2015?

Perfect - thank you!
Why no v11? Our group (camera database and data management) is not universally ready to drop rhel6 (and equivalents) yet. We are also not particularly in a position to move to gcc 4.8. It’s just not a good time with the sensor testing starting up in earnest. We do have v11 installed and are preparing for the upgrade - but we’ll always be a bit slow to adopt new releases, I suspect.

Hi Heather, note that v11 does work rhel6 (with the extra step required with the documentation).

I hear you about the compiler version, but note that there isn’t really a guarantee that older releases are supported, so when it’s a good time to move and if you need some help with dealing issues with the newer compiler let us know, we’ll be happy to provide you with an environment for testing ahead of time.