DP02_11 Issue downloading astroML


I have been attempting to work through the DP02_11 tutorial and have ran into an issue I cannot solve yet.

For reference, I did follow the instructions and I have set the container size to medium and am on version Weekly 2024_04.

My issue is occurring at the stage where we are instructed to install astroML. I have followed all of the steps thus far to create my own environment (the WORK folder) and then the subsequent GitHub folder, and am getting the error:

Permission denied (publickey)
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

I have tried resetting the kernel, verifying that I am on the correct version and container size, and made sure that my previous commands did in fact create the working directory and that I was set into it properly, all of which are correctly set.

If possible, please provide assistance.

It sounds like you might need to set up your ssh key in GitHub.com.
How to do this is described in this GitHub help page: Adding a new SSH key to your GitHub account - GitHub Docs

In the meantime, you could try instead to clone the astroML using http instead of ssh. To do so, replace this ssh-baed command from the notebook:
git clone git@github.com:astroML/astroML.git

I hope this helps!

with this http-based command:
git clone https://github.com/astroML/astroML.git

(Thinking more about this, I believe you should have had your ssh key added to GitHub as part of the RSP sign up process; so I am not quite sure why you should have run into a permission issue. I would recommend first trying the http-based git clone https://github.com/astroML/astroML.git cloning as a first step and see if you have problems with that.)

@DouglasLTucker clarification - we do not have any way to have a Github ssh key for a person added to their RSP container. That would defeat the whole notion of an SSH key being something only you have.

Douglas is correct you should be doing an HTTP clone if you want to go from the repo. However why not just

pip install --user astroml


Hi all,

Thank you both for the replies. I apologize for not responding sooner, as I have been out of the office this past week.

I ended up going the pip install route and it seemed to work with no issue. The reason I didn’t try that initially is because I am not python proficient yet, so didn’t really consider that.

Notebook seems to be working fine, I finished the tutorial. So again, thank you both!

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Dear @frossie,

Sorry for the delayed reply!
Yes, one can easily do

pip install --user astroml

to install astroML, but this defeats the purpose of this section of the notebook DP02_11_Working_with_user_packages.ipynb . Here, in Section 3 of the notebook, the install of astroML via git is for pedagogical purposes; so the users can have a concrete example for a time when one might need to update their PYTHONPATH's (e.g., if a bleeding edge version of a astroML or a similar python module is required).

So, for the purposes of this particular notebook, I recommend using the http-based git command
(git clone https://github.com/astroML/astroML.git)
if the ssh-based git command ( git clone git@github.com:astroML/astroML.git) doesn’t work.