Drp_pipe added to lsst_distrib

I’ve just merged DM-30891, which adds a first version of the new drp_pipe package, as proposed on RFC-775.

This is just one of many implementation tickets for that RFC, but it brings some big changes:

  • All DRP pipelines (and a couple of related ones) have been moved out of pipe_tasks, various obs_* packages, into drp_pipe.

  • Pipelines have been moved from or created for pipelines_check, ci_hsc_gen3, and ci_imsim, to make it easier to run the exact same pipelines on different data repositories.

Going forward, DRP pipeline execution on our standard test datasets should use the dataset-specific definitions in the pipelines directory of drp_pipe. One can try to run the pipelines in the ingredients directory when no specific pipeline exists, but these are not guaranteed to be runnable as-is (if they are, this could break at any time), and are really intended to be building blocks for the more specific pipelines.

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