Dust Map Reference

From the RSP, I need to reference dustmaps.sfd.SFDQuery for a paper. Would that be D.J. Schlegel, D.M. Finkbeiner, and M. Davis, ApJ, 1998, 500, 2, 525-553?

Yes, “SFD” is Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis (1998).

The dustmaps package also requests a citation to Greg’s paper about the dustmaps interface itself:

The very start of the dustmaps documentation provides BibTeX for citing: dustmaps documentation. As @ameisner noted, that’s for the package, not the SFD map itself. But the page describing the available maps provides citations for each map: Available Dust Maps — dustmaps documentation.

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Perfect! Thank you Aaron!

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Thanks! So it sounds like, if one converts the SFD maps/products to extinction using the dustmaps package, then the Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011) paper should also be cited? Or should Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011) always be cited when using SFD via dustmaps? The text at the link you mentioned reads more like the former to me, but I’m not 100% sure.

Hmm, that’s beyond the level of detail I know about what’s what in dustmaps. You could peruse the code to see exactly what’s used; the code is commented with pointers to what sources they are using. For example, here’s the source for the SFD module (on GitHub): dustmaps/dustmaps/sfd.py at master · gregreen/dustmaps · GitHub. Note that they appear to have citation info in the docstrings for the various functions, so you may be able to find what you need to cite just via introspection of docstrings. Do this with ‘?’ or ‘??’ in an IPython session (see IPython reference — IPython documentation), or to do it in a Jupyter notebook, check here: How to view a Python class docstrings using jupyter notebook? - Stack Overflow.

You could also consider submitting an issue on GitHub for clarification of exactly what to cite in your circumstances: Issues · gregreen/dustmaps · GitHub. dustmaps is pretty mature and stable, and I don’t know how much attention the devs give to the issue tracker, but it may be worth a try.

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I’ve inquired with a couple of the relevant software/paper authors about this offline, and will post here again if/when I have a useful update.

Schlafly of SF11 says to only cite SF11 if/when converting to extinction using the SF11 prescription :+1: