Easy cadence search?


I’ve been trying to use the RSP to query a 14-day sample of DP0.3 in some region densely populated with visits/data, but I don’t have a good understanding of where the telescope points in (ra, dec) as a function of MJD, and so I’ve mostly just been making some guesses. I think this would be a lot easier if there was a way to easily query the cadence history (simulation in this case) via the RSP – to query the exposures in a time period and see what small region might be optimal for my use case. Personally / in this situation, I can grab the cadence simulation that was used to generate DP0.3 externally, but for general DP0 use + for the actual survey, a table with cadence information could be very useful. Does the fact that different DP0 data products were generated with different cadences get in the way of including this information?

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Very good point, I 100% agree. It’d be good to have a ‘Visits’ table alongside the other ones.

As raised at the PCW, it would be great if we could have access to the pointing database (the database currently output by rubin_sim/rubin scheduler ) on the RSP for things like this and some of the other cases I mentioned as we’re already as a community getting used to using it for cadence analysis. Here’s the schema.

Thanks all for this suggestion. It is being taken under consideration.