Enable/Access HeavyFootprints in Source Catalogs

I would like to enable saving HeavyFootprints when generating source catalogs with some custom code however the only reference I’ve found to this is the configuration option doWriteHeavyFootprintsInSources in the lsst.pipe.tasks.calibrate.CalibrateTask with no further reference in the code to modifying any configuration of the source catalogs. In what subtask is the option enabled/disabled?

Additionally, when retrieving the HeavyFootprints from the Gen3 repository using the butler are they accessible as an attribute of the source catalogs?

It appears that Config control of heavy footprints was eliminated in 2016. There’s also no way to turn this on and off for Gen3 butler.put(); a given dataset type either has it on or off.

If you have a SourceRecord, I believe the getFootprint() method should return a HeavyFootprint unless isHeavy() is false.

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