Error - Installation with lsstsw and lsst-build

I am currently attempting to install the LSST science pipeline to access the sims_feature scheduler function and am running into an issue while attempting to rebuild the ‘lsst_distrib’. I encounter an error when building product 'astro_metadata_translator. Can anyone help me resolve the issue?

Thanks_build.log (60.1 KB)

What commands are you executing, and what error are you seeing?

Following this instillation - Install with and eups distrib — LSST Science Pipelines

Command - ‘rebuild lsst_distrib’

The error I receive is below -

*** error building product astro_metadata_translator.

*** exit code = 2

*** last few lines:

::::: [2021-04-07T19:52:42.967566Z] FAILED tests/

Something seems wrong: the rebuild command is used with “Installation with lsstsw and lsst-build”, not the link you cited.

I apologize, I sent the wrong link. Yes I am using the ‘Installation with lsstsw and lsst-build’ method

Can you please attach the file lsstsw/build/astro_metadata_translator/_build.log?


The failures you are seeing are I believe due to astropy being unable to download the list of observatory sites. You may find this string in the test output (in one of the files in lsstsw/build/astro_metadata_translator/tests/.tests/):

AstropyUserWarning: Could not access the online site list. Falling back on the built-in version, which is rather limited.

You will need to ensure that you have Internet access during the build process or that astropy has cached this file and the file of IERS data.

See EarthLocation — Astropy v4.2.2.dev4+g5bce144c6 and IERS data access (astropy.utils.iers) — Astropy v4.2.2.dev4+g5bce144c6

Thank you that worked