Error when using location constraint with ObsTAP

Hello all, when I try to use the ‘observation boundary is contained by shape’ (or 'observation boundary contains shape) query type, while selecting ‘cone shape’, entering 62,37 for RA DEC & 100 arcseconds for the radius, (while also having the ‘observation type and source’ constraint selected) I get this error in the Portal:

Attached is the corresponding ADQL for the observation boundary contains shape query type,

How can I configure the portal correctly/or ADQL query correctly to utilize these query types? It appears that only a POINT object can be used as the first argument in CONTAINS.

Also sorry unrelated but what range of RA DEC coordinates does the lsst data have?

Hello, thank you for these questions.

For the image query service (ObsTAP) available for Data Preview 0, you are right that only “Observation boundary contains point” has been implemented. I’m sorry this is not clear from the Portal interface, which is being built to accommodate all future functionality. While this limitation is mentioned in the DP0.2 ObsTAP introductory instructions, I appreciate that it is not obvious. It’s a good question.

The DP0.2 simulation covers 300 square degrees centered (RA, DEC) = 61.863, -35.790 degrees. More details about the simulation are available in the documentation for the DP0.2 data products.

Thanks again for using the DP0.2 and the Forum. I’m going to mark this post as the solution but as always, feel free to post a new topic with any new questions, anytime.