Exact conda environments for Jenkins/lsstsw

I have merged DM-30792 which adds a new feature to the deploy command used with the lsstsw build tool. When deploying a new conda environment, you can now specify “bin/deploy -x EUPS_TAG” with the EUPS tag of a release to get the exact package versions that were used to build that release, in addition to the existing options to specify a rubin-env version or a (now-outdated) scipipe_conda_env hash.

Supported releases include daily (d_YYYY_MM_DD), weekly (w_YYYY_WW), and official (vNN_M_P[_rcR]) releases, and Sims tags should also work. Note that daily tags are only kept for one month. Only weekly and official versions after the rubin-env conversion (w_2021_04) can be used at this time; if needed, a future patch could extend this back to w_2020_15.

Finally, Jenkins has also been updated to recognize these EUPS tags in the “conda env ref” field. The primary usage of this is expected to be the “official-release” pipeline, but it can also be used in “stack-os-matrix” if needed.

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