From opsim v4 to FBS 1.2

While it’s maybe not quite such a hot topic anymore, at some point there was a request for a comparison of opsim v4 (origin of ‘baseline2018a’) vs. the FBS. In part, this would be a description of the updated software - but I think perhaps the interesting part for a general audience would be also the effects of the difference.
Building on some of the material Peter has presented in the past, I put this series of slides together for the AHM (but there was not time to present it then).

I was considering making this a technical note, but (a) it’s not clear this is required and (b) it has movies, which may not translate so well. In any case, I thought it might be worthwhile to circulate these slides to at least this audience.

Here are the slides - [opsimV4ToFBS.pdf] (1.9 MB PDF)
and since the PDF can’t capture the movies (on slide 7), here are the two movies:
the first shows the series of pointings in a single night within opsim v4 (baseline2018a) and the second is the series of pointings from the same night in a similar FBS 1.2 simulation (baseline_2exp_pairsame_1_2)

Looks great! And you can see how at the end of the night the FBS reverts to a greedy algorithm and starts behaving like the old sims.