Get ccd and visits from the CcdVisitIds of the diasource catalogs

Hello all. I would like to know the relation between the CcdVisitIds, in the diasource catalog from association.db file, and the ccd and visit numbers needed for diff dataIds? According to one of the ap_pipe notebooks I found that: visit=CcdVisitId[:6] and ccdnum=CcdVisitId[6:]. However in the association file I have, I got CcdVisitIds with shorter length: e.g. 3579600. How can then I link this number with the visits I used which are 17900, 17902, … Thank you in advance

That one example is DECam specific, unfortunately. I have an HSC one here!

Oh, great thank you ! I did not search in the right notebook!

I meant for that to be a link to the master branch, but it was early. Here’s a slightly better link for posterity (but the info hasn’t changed!)

Many thanks. What about the flags? In the association.db they are presented with numbers, how relate them with PsfFlux_flag, edge_flag, saturated_flag, …? Thank you

Just keep scrolling :slight_smile: there’s lot of useful stuff in my apdbPlots script!