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I’m just getting started with the LSST pipelines and am trying to figure out what the first steps are. The main DM page links to a Using the LSST Stack page that seems woefully outdated. Is there somewhere else I should be looking for a better Getting Started or Tutorials section? The first tutorial (Processing an Image File) doesn’t really make it past step one.

I’m going to be trying to document my experiences developing some new modules for the pipeline so would be happy to help with some edits and get things up to date, just wondering if it already exists somewhere else I haven’t found yet.


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Hi @wtgee, I’ll be working on rolling Getting Started documentation to over the next three months. (That page will be replacing the Wiki-based docs you linked to). You should start seeing some material in the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, you can try out That technote walks you through some of the core data processing patterns with the stack. I’d be especially interested in hearing feedback on that material since one of my first tasks for the upcoming documentation sprint is to refine that technical note into a set of Getting Started tutorials for

Feel free to post your questions and experience here on the forum. I think this is an ideal place for you to get help from DM, and for us to learn from your experiences to shape the new documentation.

Once the Pipelines documentation project gets off the ground, and if you’re game, I’d be happy to explore opening up contributions to That would be fantastic!

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Thanks @jsick. I’ll start going through the linked page. My personal goal is to document the experience via some blog posts and then also to create some jupyter notebooks related to our specific use-case, which will also hopefully be applicable to others. I’ll post links to what I create as is appropriate.


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