Gnuastro 0.22 released 3 Feb 2024

While a lot of the analysis is done here using python scripts, fast backends are best done at the C or fortran level. I’m not quite sure which category this should go into, but Gnuastro-0.22 has just been released a few days ago:

This would make most sense for LSST/Rubin data on the photometry images, since there are many photometry tools usable from the command line. Gnuastro is FOSS, so redistributable in modified form like any FOSS.

I’ve only done a few fixes on the FLRW part, not the main components which are for photometry.

Most of the Rubin code is backed by C++ for speed, and one of the lessons over the last 20 years is that you should be designing your classes at the python level and only fall back to C++ post-profiling. So I don’t really think that this is very relevant to Rubin

Well, Gnuastro is available on the command line and as a library for those who wish to use it. :slight_smile: With 2600 or so participants, there may be some variety in preferences.

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