Google hangout link troubles

I just wanted to alert these who rely on pre-set google hangouts (like, or, I suspect there are more), that the latest release of hangout broke these links, and this might be permanent. Owners of the meetings that rely on these links: make sure you have a backup plan… this has been quite disruptive for some of us this morning, (and the simultaneous hipchat troubles didn’t help either)


Jacek … do you know if hangout links are just changed or if there is a fundamental change that will prevent the redirect from from working?

The links just seem to have gone broken; it should be easy to create new ones and update the sup and other aliases to point to them.

I.e., let’s:

  • get a list of hangouts aliases that were broken
  • create new hangouts URLs for them, and have someone with admin permissions on the URL shortener (I know of @igoodenow and @KSK) to update the shortcuts to point to the new links.

Google seems to have fixed these; at least and are working again.