Having Trouble Creating Watchmaps

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong here. I’m trying to create a watch map in the shape of a rectangle using the example code from the Lasair docs. However, when I upload it to Lasair, It comes out very bizarre. Here’s the code I used to generate the skymap taken from the Lasair docs and a screenshot of the resulting skymap on Lasair:

import astropy.units as u
import numpy as np
from astropy.coordinates import Angle, SkyCoord
from mocpy import MOC, WCS

vertices = np.array([
[159.7, +60.3],
[208.7, +60.3],
[208.7, +21.3],
[159.7, +21.3]])
skycoord = SkyCoord(vertices, unit=“deg”, frame=“icrs”)
moc = MOC.from_polygon_skycoord(skycoord, max_depth=8)
moc.write(“triangulation_moc.fits”, format=“fits”, overwrite=True)

Hi Michael – I think its fixed now, can you delete the old one and upload again? Problem was the MOCpy library has been updated, and the import World2ScreenMPL is now called WCS. So I have changed that in the webserver code and it look OK now. – Roy

Thanks Roy! Looking good now. Are you able to run this on past alerts ingested from 30th April? I see in the docs that’s something you can do.

Url for the new watchmap is: Watchmap: GRB230430

OK I’ll give it a try. But just BTW, why not just make a filter with the clause WHERE jdmax > 2460060 and ramean between 159.7 and 208.7 and decmean between 21.3 and 60.3

Never thought of that! But this was good practice for creating a skymap anyway. Thanks Roy!

Past alerts now run against your watchmap