Help with Module not found error in data setup tutorial please

I’ve followed the steps in as far as DATA $CI_HSC_DIR/raw/*.fits --mode=link where it fails with the message
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'lsst.obs.hsc'

    $ cat DATA/_mapper

just as the tutorial requires. The lsst_stack installed correctly and passed the test. The only references to HscMapper found in the installation tree are

    $ find . -name \*Mapper\* | grep -i hsc


First thing to check is that the obs_subaru package has been set up correctly. Check using eups list -s — you should see something like the below.

$ eups list -s obs_subaru
   17.0.1-16-g2a910047  current w_2019_18 setup

Ok, put it down to UBD (user brain damage to those not au fait with the jargon).

A quick setup obs_subaru fixed it. As noted previously, I’m a newbie. That said, IWBNI the tutorial added this command as well as setup -j -r ci_hsc as I’m surely not the only newbie in these parts.

(Our postings crossed)