How do a I restart my Firefly server/session?

How do I restart my Firefly server on the RSP?

I’m trying to debug masks not getting displayed right and would like to know how to start with a fresh Firefly instance.

I’m on the USDF in this case, but I presume the instructions are the same regardless of which RSP one is on.

Have you tried display.clearViewer() between instances? Additionally, its a known bug if you try and plot multiple things the mask will only be from the last image plotted. I don’t believe that has been sorted yet.

Edit: I do realize this doesn’t fully restart the firefly instance but it may help.

Ah, glad to know that this is a known issue. Is there a ticket for it?

Yes, its DM-37440 and DM-37441 for the various mask plane issues.


To be clear, you do not have your own firefly “server”. There are one or more firefly servers (depending on the deployment) serving all users . (Brianna 's answer is correct, I just wanted to avoid future reader confusion.

Thank you, I wasn’t sure what language to you.

For future interest, what is the language one should use to refer to the thing that is running the display that shows up in the Firefly tab. “Session”, “Instance”, “View”, “Window”?